‘Slae Season 2’ Is DaeMoney’s Best Project Yet

Riding the momentum from the ‘World Tour or Die’ compilation tape DaeMoney released his highly anticipated solo album ‘Slae Season 2’… And its great!

Slae Season 1 was released by DaeMoney on Halloween of 2020 alongside rising Detroit producer Top$ide. The duo came together for 8 tracks, where listeners saw flashes of what DaeMoney was capable of.

A little over a year and two projects later, Slae Season 2 or SS2 for short, gives us the most in depth look at DaeMoney yet.

The project includes features from Babyface Ray, Veeze, GT, and WTM members Scoob and Milt. SS2 is Daemoney‘s longest project, but also his most personal. On songs like “No Fun” and “Feel it in My Veins,” DaeMoney gives insight on some of the traumas he has witnessed and talks about friends he has lost to the streets.

While he did open up more on this album, DaeMoney didn’t move away from the braggadocious bars that many of his early fans know him for. On songs like “Nudie Denim” and “Gotta Have It,” he reminds everyone just how much more swag he has than the average guy.

What makes SS2 so great is the very obvious renewed focus and commitment from DaeMoney to his craft. One listen and anyone who has heard his previous work will be impressed with the growth.

DaeMoney has improved with every release, and with a strong showing from Slae Season 2, fans are bound to be eager for whatever he does next.

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