Shaudy Kash - Gametime

When Shaudy Kash announced he would be releasing his 20th mixtape with the help of DETROIT RAP NEWS & Kardiak Films im not sure the Detroit rap scene knew what would come next.

Shaudy Kash who has said he wants nothing more but to be considered a legend when it’s all said and done, has made a solid case for himself thus far early in his career. The Detroit native has went on what some would consider a legendary underground run releasing 20 mixtapes in 4 years time. Building upon his already impressive catalogue with each drop.

Although it’s only been a few days time Gametime has a good chance to be Shaudy’s best project yet. This tape perfectly captures his unique style of a classic 90s west coast rapper combined with the modern Detroit street style.


The name “Gametime” fits because right from the opening track it’s apparent Shaudy has reached a point where his confidence while recording is at an all time high and that he’s having fun with it.

All twelve songs have their own appeal but there are definitely a few standouts. On Spelling Bee Shaudy shows off his lyrical prowess. Using wordplay and the use of spelling out certain words to complete his flow.

On No Stretch he reflects oh the past few years chronocling the goals he had every year and how they evovled over time. Eventually landing on 2020 when he decided to to lock in on his rap dreams and hasn’t looked backed.

My personal favorite from this project is The World is Mine a unique spin on the classic Nas song The World is Yours released in 1994.

As a artist who himself said life keeps him in the studio Shaudy Kash is poised to continue his immaculate mixtape run. His music transcends ages and is the perfect artist to show a older rap fan who swears “real music doesn’t exist anymore.”

Notable Tracks

  • Fairy Odd Parents

  • Eastside Eggroll

  • No Stretch

Quotable Tracks

  • Bitches try to break yo heart forgetting they shit fragile

  • Put the metal to his mouth Chester Mcbadbat

  • Yo lil bitch nasty; you can tell she ain’t new to dick

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