SHAUDY KASH caps off the year with his 7th mixtape of the year “ I Can’t Make This Shit Up”

You’ll be hard pressed to try and find artist who works harder than Shaudy Kash, practically living in the studio he gives fans a new body of work about every two months.

SHAUDY KASH I can’t make this shit up album cover

I Can’t Make This Shit Up is a combination of shaudy’s consistent improvement and the chemistry he‘s developed with an assortment of producers in the past year.

It has all the slow and methodical flows that Shaudy is known for but it also includes features from FlashyWes, Lil Mex, and Samuel Shabazz.

While listening to the tape you might find yourself distrustful of outsiders and skeptical of women’s loyalty, that’s his ability to make the listener feel exactly what he’s feeling.You can’t help but think that he’s reached the point where it’s second nature for him to transfer his life experiences and feelings into music In a way that makes the listener feel what he wants them to.

This shit be deeper than music. This ain’t just no shit I be making up, this my life.

- Shaudy Kash

Quotable Lyrics

  • Lil baby want me bad flew herself out to me

  • Would I be looking for a wife if I ain’t have all these women?

  • Its Ironic how the Hos I dog love me the most

  • bitch attitude ugly but the head lovely

  • Niggas dying but it’s like the ho niggas multiplying

Notable Tracks

  • Hummble Don’t Stumble ft FlashyWes

  • Money Making Shaudy

  • Lean on Me ft Samuel Shabazz

  • Venting

Listen To I Can’t Make This Shit Up :

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