Pipe Down - ( YBE DC)

It isn’t often when an artist can come onto to the scene and command as much attention as YBE DC has. Releasing music for a little over a year he has already begun to establish his place in the Detroit rap scene.

His latest single Pipe Down has already generated over a thousand views in under a week.

This single is the perfect example of his ability to bring he dark and menacing energy that we expect from street rappers while also being a strong song writer. The strong verses are accompanied by an equally impressive hook that never gets old.

Pipe Down fits in perfectly with the artists other recent releases D1 and Not one of Them ft Baby Money and it appears we could be in store for a complete mixtape in the near future.

“yo vibe off then I get distant, feel a threat my wolves get vicious”

The lyrics portray the mindset of YBE DC, as he describes his low tolerance for fakeness.

The visuals are handled by Kardiak Films who delivered the 4K visuals with seamless transitions and creative lighting choices.

I expect YBE DC to continue to rise in the Detroit music scene and encourage anyone reading this to tap in.

Watch YBE DC’s newest video “ Pipe Down” on YouTube Below

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