Mar Skeez - Skeez Got Game

Following up the 262278 Ep released in 2021 rising Detroit rapper and Skate-team affiliate Mar Skeez picks up where he left off with Skeez Got Game. Mar Skeez has mastered the art of shit-talking without being funny. Lines like “Niggas running off for nothing that’s why I never front ‘em” & “It was never bout no pape cause I was fucking hoes with no cheese” solidify that point.

Skeez’s best quality has always been his flow and overall sound and he improved upon it with this entry. His voice seems like it was made for shit talking and fits perfectly alongside the dark beats he often raps on.

448b makes two appearances on “Skeez Got Game” and his chemistry is with Mar Skeez makes for two of the standout tracks on the project.


The tape is nine songs and only fifteen minutes with many of the song failing to reach the two minute mark. This makes a lot of the songs feel incomplete and would’ve done good with an extra verse or two.

Skeez Got Game is a solid tape that Mar Skeez dropped just to flex his rap muscles. I think over time this project will be overlooked by previous tapes like Supreme Shit Talker, 4 hours, and 262278.

Notable Tracks

  • Pandemic Been Over

  • Kay Flock

  • No Service

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