KJKA$H Wasted Potential

Detroit native KJKA$H has been known for his impressive flow and wordplay and with "Wasted Potential" he expanded on just that while delivering his most personal project. This five song EP is in my opinion his best work to date.

This is the fourth KJKA$H project to date and each one has its own unique story to tell. Wasted Potential is KJKA$H realizing his talents are being wasted in the streets.

He begins the deeply personal first track ‘Can’t Explain’ with a heartfelt verse desperately trying to explain the sources of his deepest pains.

The fourth song on the EP ‘New Reciepts’ is arguably the best from the bunch, it includes a beat from RuelStopPlayin and accompanied by visuals from Karri Visuals.

If you're a fan of music with substance I highly recommend KJKA$H. He rarely drops a song that does not contain a message or deeper meaning.

Detroit’s hustle culture is apparent in his music and you can tell while KJ loves music he plans to use it as a stepping stool to all types of business ventures.


Quotable Lyrics

  • This a 40 not just a 9

  • I was broke and I needed a cast

  • Every time I make up with this bitch we end up fighting

Notable Tracks

  • Can't Explain

  • New Receipts

  • Somerset

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