Chrisco Thang starts of 2022 for Mendax with Crash Out !

If Alice in Wonderland was made in 2022 and the main character was a nigga, the soundtrack for the movie would be “Crash Out!”. Chrisco Thang truly delivered music to get lost in with his latest tape.

The entire tape provides an experience that can only be described as “vibey”. Chrisco being a member of Mendax has a familiar sound to anyone that is familiar with the group while still having his unique flair.

When you realize that Chrisco also made majority of the beats on the tape you understand how he was able to maintain a similar vibe throughout the tapes 9 songs. It has a short run time of 20 minutes but has a lot of replay value.

Chrisco comes across as someone who's really just having fun with the music and that's apparent on songs like Read it Thru & PMX . Lines like " I don't care about the money, I just don't want to be broke" epitomizes Chrisco's attitude towards music and proves he's in it for the love of the craft.

The best song on the tape is clearly Aint That ft OfftheGoop and quickly became one the artist top streamed songs. Goop delivers a hook that has instant appeal and sets the tone for the rest of the song as Chrisco and Goop go over some of the times people had things confused.

Chrisco Thang delivered his most well received project yet with Crash Out! and I have to expect that his momentum will carry over to the other MENDAX members who are preparing for their upcoming releases.


Quotable Lyrics

  • Niggas tried to take me out the pic, they tried to crop a nigga

  • Yo plug ain't fucking wit my plug, I get a better high

Notable Tracks

  • Read it Thru

  • Aint That ft OfftheGoop

  • Mendax til i Die

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