BinSwanson Shows His Versatility With New Project: GANGSTER AND A GENTLEMAN

The first half of Gangster and a Gentleman is filled with menacing street bars and car shaking beats that BinSwanson is known for.

Its during these first songs where Binswanson establishes his presence as a gangster before he shows his softer side in the later half of the project.

The fifth track “Ms. Swanson” kicks off the gentleman side the tape. The Song has a “Ms. Jackson by Outkast” sample and on it he gets more personal than ever before.

The very next song is another sample of a classic love song and by this point it’s apparent the direction the tape is going in.

The production of every song is extremely well done and is a highlight of the project.

Binswanson has improved with every release this year and Gangster and a Gentlemen is a enjoyable listen for anyone who is a fan of the Detroit sound.

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