Bin Swanson Proves He’s Here to Stay With New EP “Guns & Butter”

If there was skepticism if Bin Swanson had a place in the Detroit rap game he removed all doubt with his latest EP “Guns & Butter”. The 5 song EP is only 11 minutes long but provides a nice freeway soundtrack for any fan of Detroit style rap.

While Bin’s music doesn’t particularly stand out in any one way he does a lot of things well. Rather it’s being able to keep a consistent theme throughout a song or a funny punchline every now and then Bin keeps listeners attention throughout the entire run time of this 5 song EP.

Bin Swanson makes music that every trapper can relate to with lines like “ Knocked my fiend out with the same brick Craig hit Debo with” and “ Bitch looking crazy every time my phone ring, it ain’t nobody but wassaname tryna buy a whole thang”.

“Guns & Butter” is Bin Swanson’s second project of the year following up “Still Wild but Wonderful” which included one of his best songs Jewelry .

This EP only being eleven minutes and none of the songs reaching the three minute mark the project leaves the listener expecting more. Some of the tracks could definitely have benefited from a third verse or a more experimental beat as by the end they all seemed pretty similar.

All in all “Guns & Butter” is a standout in Bin Swanson’s catalog and will be a good place from him to build from.


Notable Tracks

  • Amiri

  • Keebo

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